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Here are some of our recent Yoga Teacher Training Student Reviews

Feedback – 200 Hours TTC



First and foremost, thank you for the time, energy, and attention throughout this last month. It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve made so many gains in strength, flexibility, and overall focus. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is interested in pursuing this path.

I will specifically talk about each portion of the class.

I. Ashtanga classes (Mysore and Lead):
This portion of the course was basically perfect. Your instruction is of the highest level and you hold the students to such high standards that anyone attending the class is bound to make huge improvements. This was the heart of the class and I benefited greatly.

II. Hatha Classes:
For me, this was basically perfect. Aravind has an excellent demeanor and I think everyone who attends makes significant gains and also enjoys the sessions. Great job.

III. Methodology:
The teaching methodology was very thorough and we covered all the essential elements of teaching. It was extremely beneficial to cover all the details of all of the postures both for my own practice and my new ability to teach.

IV. Philosophy
This was one of my favorite portions of the class. I learned so much every single day. I only wish this portion of the class could have continued for longer as it was both helpful and interesting.

V. Anatomy and Physiology
The beginning of this portion of the class was interesting and helpful. Learning about the the digestive system, muscular system, and skeletal system was all very positive.  It was also helpful to learn about the different muscle groups and which ones are involved with different postures.

VI. Pranayama
This portion of the class was good. I found the breath exercises helpful and a good way to start the day. The whole process is similar to a meditation and I liked having this before starting the mysore practice.
VII. Meditation
The meditations were also helpful. We covered a variety of styles and I’m sure we will be able to continue practicing on our own.

IX. Organization and Staffing
Vijay, Aravind, and Shiva all did a great job. You three are working so hard, often 7 days per week. And this is just amazing. Thank you all very much. Lastly, Vijay is a true master when it comes to yoga. Your knowledge and experience are so clear. Your instruction is beneficial, and I personally am honored to be able to study with you. I’ve learned more than I can express here.

Overall 9/10

Overall, thank you for everything. This course was amazing and it was exactly what I needed. You all have a great yoga practice and I am so happy that I found you and was able to learn so much. I’m stronger now than ever before. I will stay here for at least another month to practice and learn more. I would recommend anyone to come and take your course. And if you ever make a brochure, or need some quotes for your website about how awesome and helpful your course is, I would be happy to speak on your behalf. I will always hold you all fondly in my heart. Your knowledge is now part of my own yoga lineage. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to continuing my practice with you.


Polly Kay Yeung

Dear Vijay, Please find below my feedback on the above course for your reference. Thanks.

Excellent methodology and adjustment classes. Exactly what I was looking to learn in a teacher training. Love how you combine alignment and variations into the Primary Series, making in accessible for all levels of students. Now that I finished the course I feel confident to lead a Primary Series class because I know about many alignment principles in each asanas, and also how to help students go deeper in each asanas.

Dr Ganesh Rao – philosophy
His lessons are very engaging and I enjoyed them very much. Very knowledgeable and clear in teaching, good foundation for further studies.

Dr Amrita – Anatomy
Too much timre focused on anatomical names which we can find out from books or internet. Wish there was more in depth explanation on how to prevent common injuries in practice, how to protect our joints, yoga for pregnancy, yoga therapy etc.

Aravind – hatha yoga
Good and clear delivery. Good knowledge on hands on adjustments. Creative hatha yoga sequences.

Best regards.

Maria Robertson

Dr. Ganesh
Really liked Philosophy course conducted by him. He helped to fill information gaps & join existing pieces of knowledge into more wholesome picture. He also could answer any questions arising during the class & maintain upbeat atmosphere considering very early hours of his class.

Dr. Amrita
Very positive & open attitude, i enjoyed our classes with her. During Anatomy course i learned many new words & names of the parts of the body that i only knew in my native language. Anatomy lessons were also very helpful regarding yoga teaching as i found out how body works to get into the postures/asanas, which muscles are engaged & what should be taken into consideration when teaching them. Ayurveda course was mainly a repeat of things i knew from before but still there were few interesting details that helped to enrich my knowledge of the subject.

Vijay Amar
First i met Vijay in 2010 in Goa, Arambol in one of his drop-in classes & realised very soon that i want to complete YTTC with him. It took some time for me to get to that point but i wasn’t disappointed in any way. He’s great experience of different styles of yoga & extended personal practise allowed me to learn from him many new things about yoga, ways of working with the body & improving my personal practise. Thank you, Vijay ji, for your time.

Despite his young age Aravind got good knowledge of yoga & pleasant approach when working with people. Very calm & contained he helped many times to get over language barrier & explain what Vijay means or answer any questions regarding adjustments during Methodology classes. I also enjoyed a lot his Hatha classes led in a very relaxed pace much as he is himself.

Universal Yoga Center
Overall i’m very happy with the course & feel ready now to go back to Europe & start my Yoga Teaching experience.

Dana Ann Walter

Overall, my personal practice has improved immensely and my knowledge of the asanas has grown dramatically. I really enjoyed learning the correct way to adjust students and how to bring them further within their own practice. Vijay’s knowledge of the asanas and  his ability to demonstrate them is very impressive. The assistance from Shiva and Aravind was majorly appreciated. Both of them were always available to help and happy to do so.  Dr. Ganesha and Dr. Amrita were both very informative and patient with the class.

I think the parnayama and chanting were fantastic. Overall, the subjects we focused on were extremely informative and I am really grateful I was able to take part.

Yahav Ben Shitrit

I really enjoyed the course. I’ve found it very practical and beneficial. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how to teach and about proper alignment. I feel that the demonstrations and the adjustments in the last week were very important in order to get some practical experience.
The philosophy sessions were very interesting. The teacher was very knowledgeable but I felt the sessions to be a bit long.

I really liked the anatomy class, I felt the information given was very important.
The meditation sessions were nice.
I enjoyed the pranayama class .
I enjoyed Aravind’s classes. He is a very good teacher and has a lot of patience to explain.
Shiva was also very helpful and was always nice and ready to explain.

Aurelija Grigalaviciute

In general: I am very happy, I got all the background information about yoga, deeper understanding. Especially the methadology. Now, I have all the tools to practice and slowly start teaching yoga others.
Philosophy course: one of the most favourite. Amazing teacher , knowing and mastering the subject. 10 out of 10.

Pranayama: I enjoyed and learned the techniques. Could be more varied. Could be introduced more techniques. In general I E=enjoyed and learned. 8 out of 10.

Methodology: great course. Practical and detailed. Vijay masters the subject. Explicit and valuable information. Great that we learned adjustments and we could practice it. I liked that we have to teach the asanas last week. I liked that Vijay is strict, so we are well prepared and know all the details about the asanas. 9/ 10

Asana class: I really liked Aravind class and teaching style. 10/10
Chanting: I simply loved it. Very good course. 10/10

Thank you. You are all great teachers. Good organization. Gained very valuable information. The practical knowledge and emphasis on physical part is definitely the biggest strength of the course. Thank you, I loved it. Good luck with teachings. thank you for everything, i would definitely recommend your course for all ashtangi, and for all who wants to learn more about physical part, alignments .

Sophie Fleur

Feedback ashtanga yoga teacher training 2015 by Vijay in McLeod Ganj

Vijay’s adjustments are spot on! Even when you are injured, in pain or have some physical deformations – he still knows what adjustments are suitable for your body. Moreover every day he asks how you feel and he in calculates “push”-days. In this way you still progress in the practice but your body won’t get injured-overstretched and exhausted. Vijay’s methodology class is super detailed. He mentions every body part and how it should move in the pose.

– I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the way of how I should bring my body in the asana. I’ve become stronger and I feel like I can work with my weaknesses (knees, lower back) thanks to vijay’s specific instructions.
Vijay has an amazing overview of the class, he sees every little mistake the student makes and acts on that within a second.
Aravind brings the softness to the classes, Aravind’s adjustments are more subtile though very effective. I found it very pleasant to experience both, it made a good balance.
– The schedule is quite balanced. Though it would have been nice to finish around 6. Meditation classes and chanting where a little late for me.
– I learned most in the last week with adjusting other students. Great experience!
Dr Ganesh classes were very good considering the small amount of time and the though subject. However he knew to manage in such a friendly way and he made philosophy very comprehensible.

Feedback – 300 Hours TTC

yoga reviews indiaCody Schneider – USA

Your ‘adjustments’ in Asana Class is excellent. Dr. Ganesh Rao’s Philosophy class is awesome. Kate was amazing in back-bending. Keep on doing what you are doing … I never would have come back to Arambol if I hadn’t found your school!!!

yoga student reviews indiaYevgeniy Ampleyev (Zhenya) – USA

I cannot overemphasize how much every aspect of this course: teachers, helpers, organization, circumstances, surroundings and facilities contributed to my immersion in the practice of Yoga in a most revealing, down to earth, bone-flesh-and-spirit way. I am deeply thankful from my whole being for this experience.

May all be happy!

yoga reviews india goaCeri Stockwell – UK 

Being able to practice twice a day with adjustments has been great for my personal practice and I have learnt a lot in anatomy and philosophy….


yoga student testimonial goaAnna Koley – USA

First of all, thank you for putting it all together. Everyone has worked very hard and diligently. Much love VJ! I enjoyed the different teachers for different topics – Anatomy, Philosophy, Methodology, Back-bending and Pranayama.

Much love and aloha!

yoga student reviews dharamsala 2015Tessa Overmars – Netherlands

I really enjoyed the Yoga classes … feeling thankful for the knowledge shared by the teachers.


Feedback – 200 Hours TTC

Sussana Van Oosterzee – Spain

I really enjoyed the Course. I think Vijay has got a lot of experience on it.  I really enjoyed the classes with Lisa and Dr. Ganesh. It was an unforgettable experience.

Thank you very much!

Nathaniel Richter – USA

I learned a lot from Vijay’s TTC. I learned the Asanas well and the Pranayama. The lecturing classes on Anatomy and Philosophy were fantastic. I feel confident now that I can teach Yoga to at least someone who is a beginner…
Over all I am glad I took the Course and I will take Vijay’s classes in the future..

Thank you Vijay!!!

Lara Sardyga – France

It was an interesting Course – good methodology, where you learn clearly how to handle students during their asanas; great Indian Philosophic teaching with Dr. Ganesh and equally good teaching in Anatomy from Lisa.
I enjoyed the atmosphere; quite relaxed but still serious and uplifting.

Thank you all!!